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Trekking for Kids’ life-changing expeditions are unique in that Trekkers not only experience the wonder and rigor of the outdoors but also spend unforgettable days with the orphan children living in the shadows of the Trek destinations.

Upon arriving in-country, the Trekkers will spend the first two days at the orphanage finishing the projects for which they have raised the funds in the months prior to the Expedition. Then, the Trekkers depart for the Trek itself and will return to the orphanage at the conclusion of the Trek. The Trekkers spend the last two days putting finishing touches on work projects, enjoying a field trip with the children, and participating in festivities for the orphans.

Trekking for Kids Expedtions are generally 10 – 14 days long. The trekking portion is usually 4-8 days long with varying degrees of difficulty and altitude, from the easier “Lite Trek” to the more physically-demanding “Marquee Trek”. All of our Treks are led by a TFK Trek Leader and supported by a local trekking company.

There are no limits to the places Trekking for Kids will go to improve the lives of orphans while providing our Trekkers access to the world’s most beautiful adventure destinations.



• Trekkers 18 years or older sign-up for the Expedition months ahead of the departure date.
• They spend this time preparing physically for the Trek.


• They also dedicate this period of time to raising a minimum of $1000, 100% of which will go towards the assigned projects at the orphanage.

Visit our fundraising resource page.#



• Trekkers spend two days before the Trek at the orphanage meeting the children and completing projects for which they have raised money.

#(projects range from painting and cleaning to light construction)

• During this period very specials bonds are formed between Trekkers and orphans.
• Trekkers then leave the orphanage and head to the trails to begin the Trek.




• The trekking portion of our expeditions is generally 4 – 8 days long and varies in degree of difficulty and altitude from the easier “Lite Trek” to the more physically-demanding “Marquee Trek.”


• All of our Treks are led by a TFK Trek Leader and supported by a local trekking company.




• Trekkers return to the orphanage after the Trek and spend one day completing any unfinished projects, such as moving in new furniture.


• Trekkers paint a mural of “Miles the Monkey” for the children to remember the generous donors and Trekkers who have impacted their lives.




• Trekkers take the orphans on a field trip to a local destination for a day of adventure, education, and fun.


• Trekkers organize a party at the orphanage for the kids, orphanage staff, and local community.
• Trekker say “goodbye” to their new friends as they begin their journey home.




• Trekkers join a group of fellow Alumni Trekkers from around the world and participate in TFK activities in their home cities, which can vary from Alumni Treks to fundraising events.

#Visit our events page to see what’s happening.

• And…they begin to plan for a future expedition to an exciting location with Trekking for Kids.


Marquee Treks Signature yearly
Trek, often at altitudes
greater than 10,000 ft, that are strenuous in nature. These hikes are designed for intermediate-level Trekkers ages 18 and older.

Lite Treks Yearly Trek, usually
at altitudes less than 10,000 ft, with moderate terrain and elevation gains. These hikes are designed for amateur Trekkers of all ages 18 and older.

One of the world’s leading mountain guides, Luis Benitez, has summitted Mt. Everest six times and has reached the top of the seven major peaks in the world a total of 32 times. He currently holds the world record for most consecutive non-sherpa summits of Everest – 4 times in four years. In 2010 he will attempt the Cessan Route of K2. Luis Benitez volunteers his time as lead guide for Trekking for Kids. In spite of his own lofty accomplishments, he encourages people to “reach their own Everest.”


Ethiopia Custom Trek 2019June 8-15, 2019

Alaska Alumni Trek 2019August 18-25, 2019

Peru Lodges Trek 2020June 21-29, 2020

Kilimanjaro Trek 2020July 23-August 3, 2020

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