Frequently Asked Questions

1 . How long are the Treks?

2 . Do I need to have trekking experience to go on a TFK Trek?

3 . How do I know if my physical condition allows me to come on a Trek?

4 . Does TFK help me prepare physically for the Trek?

5 . Do you offer treks where I can take my kids?

6 . What is the group size on your expeditions?

7 . What are the ages of people who come on your expeditions?

8 . Can I raise funds to pay for my travel and trip expenses?

9 . Is my trip tax-deductible?

10 . Do you go to the same location every year?

11 . How do you decide the location of the Trek?

12 . How do you choose an orphanage?

13 . How much money do I have to raise to participate on a Trek?

14 . How much of the donations I receive actually go to the orphanage?

15 . Are donations tax-deductible?

16 . How is the money I raise actually used at the orphanage? Do you give them the cash?

17 . Does TFK prepare me with the tools to fundraise?

18 . What happens in the unlikely event that I can’t raise my minimum $1,000?

19 . What if I want to make a donation to orphanage projects, but I don’t know a Trekker going on a Trek?

20 . If 100% of the donations I raise go to the orphanage, how does Trekking for Kids run its operation?

21 . What if I want to make a donation to help Trekking for Kids with its operational expenses?

22 . What’s the deal with the Monkey?

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