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Trekking for Kids began as a conversation over dinner in early 2005. Jose Montero and his sister, Ana Maria, were sharing their upcoming plans to hike along the Inca Trail to Peru with a group of fellow outdoor enthusiasts, who, like the siblings, had traveled extensively in the developing world and seen the overwhelming need first hand. As the conversation continued, there was a growing sense that this could be more than just another outdoor adventure; it could be an opportunity to make a difference.

This idea of combining adventure and service continued to brew over the next few weeks as the group decided who would best benefit from their burgeoning efforts. The answer, they found, was right under their noses. Jose and Ana Maria’s father, Pepe, had been an orphan of the Spanish Civil War and they had grown up hearing about the many trials and tribulations faced by these children. Given the abundance of these in the developing world, a consensus was easily reached: they would help orphans.

Jose Montero, Ana Maria Montero, Jose Montero

TFK founders, Jose and Ana Maria, with their father "Pepe" Montero, Peru Trek 2005, Machu Picchu.

The question then became “how” the group would help. Adapting the model of walk-a-thons to trek expeditions, the siblings decided the hikers would raise a minimum amount of money prior to going on the hike that would be destined, in its entirety, to the orphanage they had selected. More importantly, the funds would go towards infrastructure projects that would contribute to the long-term sustainability of the orphanage.

Final concept in hand, they enlisted the help of a childhood friend and attorney to help with the incorporation. In March of that year, 2 months before the trip to Machu Picchu, Trekking for Kids, Inc. was born.

Over the past five years, Trekking for Kids (TFK) has grown organically, from a small, “accidental” idea to a full-fledged organization, powered by the goodwill of donors and the generosity of a committed volunteer management team. Together they create purpose-driven treks that take them all over the globe in support of their common vision: “Improving Today, Securing Tomorrow…One Step at a Time.”

The Story of Miles...
Since Trekking for Kids’ first expedition to Machu Picchu in 2005, Miles the Monkey has accompanied Trekking for Kids to help spread hope and humor around the world. He is a favorite among Trekkers and orphans alike. He is proudly displayed in prominent locations in orphanages on four continents around the globe.

Miles TFK mascot in Tanzania


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