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Online Donor List:

Name Date Amount Comment
Otto Griffin 05/01/2013 $200.00 I wish I'd been there with you, love Otto
Stephanie and Doug Gramiak 05/01/2013 $50.00 What an amazing adventure
Bernadette and Bob Buccini 04/26/2013 $1,000.00 We were so moved by the video and so proud to be able to help support you and your generous spirit.
Roberto Bonetti 04/24/2013 $200.00 Amazing trip, cause and pics! We love you... Rosa y Robert
Annie Coons 04/22/2013 $100.00
alex griffin 04/20/2013 $100.00 good luck!
david pollin 04/19/2013 $250.00 Mati, I hope that you are fully certified in CPR in the likely event that Chris has a coronary event on the strenous trek. KIRSTEN AND I ARE PROUD OF YOU - GOOD LUCK and Happy birthday!
Robert Buccini 04/19/2013 $500.00 good luck! love Josephine, Virgina, Balthazar and Shepherd xoxo
Liz Baldwin 04/18/2013 $100.00 Happy Trekking, Love the Baldwin's :)
Ken and Kristen Kearns 04/18/2013 $50.00
Samantha Balick 04/18/2013 $100.00 good luck Mati & Chris, have fun! Love Sam & Adam
Sean and Theresa Beach 04/18/2013 $100.00 Such a wonderful thing you are doing! All our best. xo
Mike and Sarah Turick 04/18/2013 $50.00 Good luck to you both! And Happy Birthday Mati!
Maria and Roberto Bonetti 04/17/2013 $5,000.00 Travel safe and have fun! Love you -
Nancy Roth 04/17/2013 $250.00
Tamara Holt 04/17/2013 $50.00
Keith + Jodie Harney 04/17/2013 $250.00 Exciting. Safe journey
Steve and Cindy Wilkinson 04/17/2013 $200.00 Have fun and good luck!
Matt & Alison Terrell 04/17/2013 $100.00 Happy 40th & hats off to your hustle. Think paso a paso y tal vez un Burro for Chris?
Jeff & Lauren Gannett 04/17/2013 $50.00 Good Luck!
Lynne Farley England 04/17/2013 $25.00 When one hand, supports another hand and on & on... Our strength is immeasurable! What a fabulous idea, an inspiration to all. May every step bring joy :) Good luck!
Grant & Libby Wagner 04/17/2013 $50.00 Mati - Carrying Chris is going to get heavy by day 4. Hope you've been hitting the weights...
Melinda Bosco 04/17/2013 $100.00
Pamela Kreider 04/17/2013 $40.00 hope the adventure is as fabulous as you, safe trekking and travels, xoxo
Wes & Michelle Schwandt 04/17/2013 $200.00 Best of luck and don't make Chris look too bad on those uphill sections! Come home safely!
Joseph Bojanowski 04/17/2013 $100.00
Preston Hershey 04/17/2013 $50.00 Enjoy the trek!
Lily Arteaga 04/17/2013 $100.00 Enjoy and be safe! Bring back alot of stories and pictures! Wishing I could be there with you ;)! xoxo Lily
Barbara Neuse 04/17/2013 $350.00 Happy Birthday Mati!! Hope you have a wonderful trip.
Joseph Lisicky 04/17/2013 $100.00 Enjoy your trek!
Ralph Rossi 04/17/2013 $50.00 good luck
Sydney Van Dyke 04/17/2013 $100.00 have fun and be safe! xx
Jocelyn Stewart 04/17/2013 $250.00
Paige, Chris, Zoe, and Cooper Winburn 04/17/2013 $100.00 Love you and all your 40 ways of living gracefully with an open heart!
Deb, David, Bennett & Carter Ross 04/16/2013 $200.00 Wishing you a wonderful trek! We will be thinking of you! XO
claudina, tomas y roberto buccini 04/16/2013 $500.00 go mami go!
Lara and Gary Munch 04/16/2013 $100.00 Inspired by your spirit- both of adventure and generosity!
Jeffrey & Annie Nielsen 04/16/2013 $100.00
Harry Haskell 04/16/2013 $50.00
Aubree Wellons 04/16/2013 $75.00 Amazing! Enjoy this unique experience/opportunity! XO
Anonymous 04/16/2013 $150.00 Good luck and thank you for all you do.
Jaime Roth 04/16/2013 $100.00
David Roth 04/16/2013 $400.00 We are super excited for the trip. See you on Friday! XOXO, DaFara
Monica Ullrich 04/16/2013 $150.00 Thank you, Mati, for bring awareness to this very worthy cause. I wish I could be doing the journey with you.
Claudina Bonetti 04/16/2013 $150.00 Go Get 'Em guys!!! Love and blessings to all... may the trek be a symbol of this life's larger journey, never forgetting that 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'. Hugs and kisses to all
Patricia Cisneros 04/15/2013 $1,000.00
Tomas,Eva Luisa, Nick, Adri Griffin 04/15/2013 $500.00 We are so fortunate to have you as our friend. I hope we continue to spend time together in wonderful places like this one. we love you, adore you and cherish you.

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Total raised online: $13,790.00
Total raised offline: $
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Grand Total: $13,790.00
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$25 provides a backpack and school supplies for one child.

$50 enables a child to sleep on a mattress with bedding.

$100 allows one child to attend school for an entire year.

$150 purchases a set of locally built bunk beds.

$250 provides chickens and a chicken coop.

$350 provides sports equipment,
toys and games for an orphanage.

$500 gives a child access to a computer and a world of information.

$1000 funds the renovation or construction of a new room.

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