Trekker‘s Perspective

Josh and Kathryn Bashaw

Trekking for Kids provided us the opportunity to unite our love for orphans and passion for the outdoors in a single, unforgettable trip. Working together as a team through each step of the journey, from raising money for the children to reaching the top of the mountain, facilitated lasting relationships with our fellow trekkers. With each trip we take, we gain a better perspective of the world around us-igniting our desire to serve.

Josh and Kathryn Bashaw, Texas
Tanzania 2008 Trek


More than a Trek...

Many people have described a Trekking for Kids’ Expedition as a “life-changing” experience due to the emotional, physical, and mental challenges often experienced on the trip. Our Trekkers join our Expeditions for a variety of reasons, but they all have one motivation in common, they commit to the Trek not just for themselves, but also for a group of orphans with whom they will spend four unforgettable days.

On a Trekking for Kids Expedition, very different lives and cultures cross paths when our Trekkers interact with the orphans and experience the culture where the Trek takes place. The actual Trek may have been the main attraction for the Trekker prior to joining a Trekking for Kids Expedition, but once he or she arrives in country and visits with the children, the magic of Trekking for Kids begins to manifest itself.

Our goal, is that each Trekker finds his or her “summit” at some point during the experience, which positively impacts their personal growth and development. Our hope is that each of us who participates in a Trekking for Kids Expedition returns home a better and more complete person.

Find your summit...join us on one of our life changing treks and help us Improve Today, Secure Tomorrow...One Step at a Time.

Learn more about the impact Trekking for Kids has had around the world.>

Trekker with orphans in Tanzania

A Place they Can Call Home… Msamaria Center, Moshi, Tanzania Thanks to generous donations, Trekking for Kids and our 2008 volunteer team were able to renovate and repair the existing Msamaria Center in Moshi, Tanzania in several ways that significantly enhanced the living conditions of the 50 # children it houses. One of the greatest impacts on the Center was the addition of basic furniture for the first time ever. Prior to our expedition, the children and staff had been eating, studying and playing on the floor, as well as sleeping three children per bed. Today the Center is filled with new, locally-built furniture, including desks for the students and teachers, chairs, tables, benches, bed frames and new mattresses. The children now have a place they can call home.

Investing in the Future…Destitute Children’s Home, Pokhara, Nepal Thanks to our generous donors, the Destitute Children’s Home in Pokhara, Nepal is on their way towards sustainability with the new grocery store Trekking for Kids helped them acquire in 2008. Not only do they have extra revenue each # month from their sales to feed, clothe and educate the 20 orphans in their care, they are also able to purchase food at a discounted rate which enables them to stretch their rupees a little further.

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