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Mountain Lodges of Peru partners with Trekking for Kids


Get inspired for a Peruvian adventure. TFK recently returned from Peru . Watch what we did while we were there. Peru Trek 2023

Plan a custom Peruvian trip with TFK and Mountain Lodges of Peru

Where do you want to go?


A record-breaking year for Trekking for Kids! From an all-time record number of treks to new destinations such as Bhutan and Mt. Elbrus, TFK continues to grow and impact hundreds of children worldwide.

Do you have a destination you would like TFK consider? Send your ideas to

TFK Adventurers build a school bathroom in the Philippines


TFK Adventurers create their own adventures, and with the help of Trekking for Kids, make an impact wherever they travel. After trekking in the Philippines and in partnership with the nonprofit EDUCO and IHHELPP, a group of college students are working to build a bathroom for at-risk children in the Bicol region.

The bathroom, the first-ever for these school children, will be built from compressed earth blocks designed to withstand the strong typhoons that frequently hit the Philippine islands. This three-week construction project will benefit hundreds of children who attend the school.

TFK at Adventure Travel Trade Association's Adventure Conference


Jose Montero, TFK Founder and Board Chair and Exec. Dir. Cindy Steuart participated in the Adventure Travel Trade Association's Adventure Elevate conference in Canada, introducing TFK to global adventure travel leaders. ATTA connects travel agents, tour providers, and travelers with a global network of sustainable adventure destinations.

TFK's Partners with Universal Giving


TFK is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Universal Giving an award winning platform that connects people with worthy projects around the world. UniversalGiving provides volunteers, donors, and travelers opportunities to make an impact on projects that change lives.

TFK Board Chair Jose Montero speaks to ImpactMania magazine


TFK's Chairman and President, Jose Montero speaks to ImpactMania about Trekking for Kids

Jose Montero Jr- Trekking for Kids (05-03-2016)

TFK Alumni Allison Gilbert releases new book


Celebrated author and TFK alumni Allison Gilbert releases her latest book, Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive.

How Celebrating Deceased Loved Ones Can Make You Happier (04-12-2016)

Jose Montero represents TFK at Adventure Academy 2016


TFK was represented at

Adventures Academy 2016 by Board Chair Jose Montero, Lead Trekker, Luis G. Benitez and Christie & Co's Alissa Sears in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, catalyzing synergies between social entrepreneurs and investors.

Ethiopia #9 on Outside Magazine's Best Trips for 2016!


Ethiopia is # 9 on Outside Magazine’s best trips for 2016! Be a trend setter, join the TFK expedition, November 10-21, 2016.

The 28 Best Trips of 2016
Outside Magazine (03-01-2016)

Being the Change He Wants to See


TFK's lead guide, Luis Benitez, was featured in his hometown paper regarding his work with Trekking for Kids "Being the change he wants to see." Read the complete article here.

Being the Change he wants to see.

Nationally acclaimed authors Hope Edelman and Allison Gilbert to team up with Trekking for Kids to celebrate 20th anniversary of publication of Motherless Daughters


Read about this special journey in Modern Loss online joural Motherless Daughters on the Road and on Hope Edelman's blog

Hope Edelman, author of Motherless Daughters and Allison Gilbert, author of Parentless Parents, announced today they are joining forces to take 16 devoted readers on a once-in-a-lifetime expedition to Peru. The trip, which takes place July 30th-August 9th, is in partnership with the nonprofit organization Trekking for Kids. The group will volunteer in an orphanage near Cusco and then hike to Machu Picchu. The journey is in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the publication of Edelman's groundbreaking book Motherless Daughters.

When the authors learned about Trekking for Kids and its mission to organize purpose- driven treks to improve the lives of orphans around the world, they envisioned a perfect partnership.

Gilbert remarked, "As writers, Hope and I have been fortunate to tell our stories and share the pain of losing our parents. This trip brings together women from across the globe to turn loss into an opportunity to help others."

Edelman added, "Every woman on this trek has grieved the death of one or both parents. Some cared for parents during long-term illness; others suffered the shock of unexpected loss. All of these participants, coming from around the world, share a commitment: to use these unwanted experiences as a catalyst for growth."

Turning Loss Into Service: Motherless Daughters and Parentless Parents Unite to Help Orphans in Peru begins outside of Cusco, Peru where trekkers will work at the Ninos del Sol children's home on sustainable projects to improve the orphanage. Each participant agreed to raise a minimum of $1,000 to fund such initiatives as building a greenhouse and purchasing solar water heaters, a new van, and computers. The women will then trek through the Lares Valley to Machu Picchu. The group will finish their journey with a return to the orphanage.

Trekking For Kids Executive Director Cindy Steuart said the venture is already a success. "This is the first custom trip in our organization's history. Hope and Allison have built a community of readers who are eager to give back. Sign-ups happened quickly and we have a waiting list. We look forward to planning similar tailor-made trips in the future."

The following is a list of participants and their hometowns: Joanna Askew - Dubai, UAE Andrea Barbalich - Larchmont, NY Martha Brower - Camden, ME Cathy Draeger - Huntington Beach, CA Allison Durant - Metairie, LA Hope Edelman - Topanga, CA Allison Gilbert - Irvington, NY Maryjo Green - Edmonds, WA Karen Gresham - Phoenix, AZ Megan Higgins - North Vancouver, BC Shannon Husk - Victoria, BC Erica Keyes - Edmonton, Alberta Laurie Lucas - Newport Beach, CA Renee Lorme-Gulbrandsen - Victoria, BC Laura McCoy - Fort Wayne, IN Katherine Maguid - Boulder, CO Linda Miller - Portland, OR Angela Schellenberg - Chiang Mai, Thailand

For more information: Hope Edelman Allison Gilbert Ninos del Sol Trekking for Kids

Love and Travel: A Honeymoon for a Good Cause


Meet Olivia and Austin, Trekkers who honeymooned with Trekking for Kids in Tanzania in February 2013 on TFK's Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek.

Read about their adventure in Epicure and Culture.

Love and Travel: A Honeymoon for a Good Cause (12-11-2013)

Trekking for Kids hits milestone: $500,000 raised and donated to orphanage projects around the world.


TFK's efforts to change the life of an orphaned child reaches a significant milestone of half a million dollars raised and donated to support major orphanage capital improvements. This work, in areas spanning the globe, includes improvements on homes in Nepal, Tanzania, Guatemala, Ecuador, Morocco, Romania, Thailand, and Peru. "When TFK got its start, over dinner nearly 9 years ago, this number seemed out of reach. Thank you is not sufficient to express our appreciation to our donors whose direct support of TFK projects make a life-changing impact for children," said TFK founder Jose Montero.

TFK makes Orphanage Sustainability Fund donation to Arrive Kenya


The OSF is designed to support small projects that make a major impact on children living in orphanages around the world. Arrive Kenya, home to 28 street children, was recently opened by a young American who saw the need to get children off the streets of Nairobi. The TFK donation will buy new bunkbeds, mattresses, and pillows for the children, almost all of whom have been sleeping on the floor.

Said founder Brian Ash, "last night, I was awakened by a scream at 2:45am. The ground where we all sleep had been infested with safari ants, and they BITE! Someone had left an avocado peel and pit on the ground and overnight the ants swarmed. Everyone was awake, and we had to use turpentine and bug-killer to drive the ants out, but not before everyone got bitten. About 9 kids crammed into the two bunks beds we have because they were afraid to sleep on the floor! So thanks again for getting Trekking For Kids involved, we all very much appreciate it."

TFK Adventurers help change the life of a child through individual adventure fundraising


TFK Adventurers have an impact on orphaned children while on individual and family adventures.

The Anton/Swire wedding celebrating a new life together, the Sanders Family trip on the Camino de Santiago is in celebration of many life milestones, including a birthday, and the Mati Expedition to Machu Picchu is a group of friends celebrating a significant birthday.

These individual fundraising efforts, coordinated by TFK, give participants a chance to give back while on their own expeditions.

TFK featured on CNN.COM: How to give back on your next getaway


In honor of Martin Luther King Day of service, TFK was featured in an article on titled, "How to give back on your next getaway." Read the complete article on

How to give back on your next getaway (02-18-2013)

In the News: Len Stanmore Global Explorer


On December 3, ultimate global explorer Len Stanmore will make history as the only person to ski to the North and South Poles, climb the Seven Summits, and race through the windiest, hottest, coldest, and driest deserts on the planet. The motivation for this now 60-year old is quite remarkable: to raise $100,000 in support of orphaned and at-risk children through Trekking for Kids. Len's final journey in this history-making series - a grueling 250 km race across Antarctica as a competitor in The Last Desert begins November 22.

Read the latest articles and interviews about Len's adventures and commitment to TFK.

Everyday Hero (video)
Global TV Canada (02-21-2013)

The Culmination Of A 12-Year Antarctic Journey
Huffington Post (12-05-2012)

And We're Halfway Across Antarctica's Last Desert!
Huffington Post (11-30-2012)

Adventure traveler Len Stanmore is not your average retiree (video)
NBC News (11-27-2012)

The Fourth and Final Desert
Outside Online (11-26-2012)

Racing for a Cause: A 3-Part Series Chronicling My Race Across Antarctica
Huffington Post (11-21-2012)

Len Stanmore - Ultimate Global Explorer
CBC Canada (11-15-2012)

Len Stanmore Mixes Adventure With Helping Others
Christian Science Monitor (11-15-2012)

Interview With the Ultimate Global Explorer: Len Stanmore
ilivetotravel Travel Blog (11-10-2012)

Out of My Comfort Zone
Running World (11-06-2012)

TFK featured in Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine


Read about Trekking for Kids and Jose Montero, Georgia Tech Alumni, Founder and Chairman of TFK in the Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine.

2013 Treks: Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, Everest Base Camp


Join us in 2013 as we travel to Tanzania, February 16-28, to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, to Peru, June 30-July 9, to trek the Lares Valley and Machu Picchu, and to Nepal, November 4-23, to trek to Everest Base Camp. As always, we will be supporting a local orphanage on each of our treks.

Sign up now!

Stanmore Attempts to Become First In World to Complete Ultimate Global Challenge: Uses Last Desert Race To Raise Money For Orphans Around the World


Len Stanmore has announced he will run across The Last Desert in Antarctica in November 2012. When he completes the race, he will become the first person in history to climb the highest peaks on seven continents, ski to both the North and South poles and run across the four major deserts. This race, the fourth and final race of The 4 Deserts series, is a grueling 250 km, self-supported race across Antarctica. Stanmore will use this history making run as a fundraiser for Trekking for Kids, a socially-conscious trekking organization that benefits orphans around the world.

“I started climbing in my late forties because of a friend’s challenge,” said Stanmore. “Completing the Last Desert Race at 60 is a great personal accomplishment, made even better because I can use this race to help children in orphanages who face bigger challenges than I can imagine.”

Read about Len in Running Times

(Full Story and Press Release)

Ironman Competing For a Cause


Trekking for Kids is pleased to announce the generous support of Hana Sykorova!

On October 13, 2012, Sykorova will be competing in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. The athlete has generously pledged to raise $25 for every mile that she swims, bikes, or runs, thus bringing her fundraising goal to an exciting $3,500 donation to TFK! For more information, or to make a donation in honor of Sykorova's impressive efforts, click here!

Summer 2012 Trek Reports: Peru and Romania


This summer was a busy season for TFK! In June, TFK was proud to offer its first-ever trek for college and post-graduate students in Peru. The dedicated group made lasting memories as they trekked to the striking Machu Picchu, observed and participated in traditional Incan celebrations and festivities, and relaxed in local hot springs. In Cusco, the group helped with infrastructure improvements to a Peruvian orphanage, joyfully receiving performances of song and dance from the grateful Azul Wasi children. The memorable spiritual, cultural, and service experiences rendered TFK's first inaugural college trek a great success

Later in July, another group of trekkers made an exciting and memorable journey to Romania. The lucky participants beheld Dracula's castle, trekked the Transylvanian Alps, and admired the infamously gorgeous architecture decorating the region. The Casa Prichindel was touched by the Trekker's generosity, and thrilled to receive help with their new project: a transition home for the children who are aging out of the system. The group had an unforgettable time getting to know these amazing teenagers and children, tie-dying with them, playing soccer and basketball, hiking and making s'mores. The smiles, hugs, and laughter marking the farewells bore testament to the uniquely inspiring atmosphere that occurs when adventure, culture, and service collide.

TFK Will Be Returning to Everest Base Camp this Fall - Join Us!


Is it your dream to trek in the Himalyan mountains and see such iconic mountains as Mount Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse and Ama Dablam? Join Trekking for Kids on its signature expedition to Everest Base Camp, October 29-November 17, 2012.

The three week expedition was voted as a trip of a lifetime by National Geographic, and is certain to fill quickly, so start making your plans!

You will never forget the magic of the setting sun on the face of Everest, the peaceful and kind smiles of the Nepali people, and the most importantly, the children who will forever be touched by your generosity.

Sign up now!

College Trek to Peru This Summer Will Support The Azul Wasi Children's Home


A year ago, Trekking for Kids set a goal to offer a trek for college students in 2012. On June 16, our first-ever college expedition will embark for Machu Picchu, and Trekkers will work at the Azul Wasi children's home outside Cuzco, Peru.

Donations will support a variety of infrastructure projects at the Azul Wasi home: repairs to the roof and bathrooms, completion of a dormitory, new solar water heater, and improvements to the water and sewage systems.

We are excited to be partnering with Generations Humanitarian, a non-profit that helps street children throughout Latin America have a chance for a better future.

TFK Continues To Spread Hope In Nepal Through Vocational Training


Do you ever wonder about the children who "graduate" from an orphanage? What happens then? Trekking for Kids is making sure they have a bright future by making a donation to the Orphan Children Rescue Center, where we worked during the Everest Base Camp trip in October, 2010. The TFK Orphanage Sustainability Fund (OSF) is funding the vocational training of five students, who will be studying sewing and computers.

Thanks for supporting the OSF! Your dollars have an impact beyond your expectations!

Len Stanmore, Global Explorer, Chooses TFK as Charity of Choice


Len Stanmore, Toronto-based world explorer and mountaineer, has reached the highest peaks on the seven continents, skied to the North Pole, raced across three of the world's major deserts, and in January, 2012, will ski to the South Pole. In November of 2012, he will cross the final desert in the list of the major four, called the Last Desert, in Antarctica, and with that achievement, Len will be only person in history to achieve all of these destinations, earning him the distinction of being a true explorer of the planet.

Co-existing with his desire for exploration and adventure is his sincere interest in helping the less fortunate of the world, the orphaned and at-risk children living in the shadows of these iconic destinations. Supporters of Stanmore's effort to reach this notable world record can also support his charity of choice, Trekking for Kids. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation, in Len's name, to TFK.

Sony Pictures Selects Trekking for Kids as Charity Partner for 2011/2012 Holiday Season!


In addition to a generous donation to TFK from Sony Pictures, the company is helping TFK spread the word of our work to like-minded people this holiday season.

The donation from Sony will enable TFK to expand its trek offerings and enhance marketing efforts to reach more potential trekkers. In addition, a portion of the donation will support the TFK Orphanage Sustainability Fund, which provides resources for small, capital improvements on orphanages where we have worked in the past.

Children from the Warm Heart Children's Home in Thailand, where the TFK/Thailand expedition recently worked, were treated to a Sony Pictures private screening to kick off the partnership in November. For the children at Warm Heart, watching a film in a movie theater was a memorable first. Everyone had a great time!

A heartfelt thanks to Sony Pictures and its employees- TFK is truly grateful for its generosity this holiday season.

Outside Magazine features TFK in their Outside Guide to Fixing the World


Outside Magazine featured Trekking for Kids as one of the "Top 30 Charities that Deserve Your Trust" in their December 2011 issue. They chose the 30 charities they felt were the best -smartly managed groups with transparent financials, efficient spending, and track records of on-the-ground success who are truly making a difference.

Check out the December issue of Outside online and read about how Trekking for Kids is making a difference.

Priscila Angel With Mira Quien Baila Wins $15,000 Dancing for TFK


Mira Quien Baila - Univision Television's version of Dancing with the Stars, hosted Mexican singing star Priscila Angel as a contestant. As a result of her outstanding accomplishments as a finalist, Univision and show sponsor State Farm donated $15,000. to TFK! Thanks and congratulations to Priscila!

Paramount Pictures Donates Banners From Recent Premieres For Children in Thailand


Paramount Pictures has generously donated the original mesh banners of several of their premiers to Trekking for Kids to help raise funds for needy children in Thailand. They are for sale on eBay and the entire proceeds will go to the children's home Trekking for Kids is sponsoring on the Thailand Lite Trek in November 2011 .

Up for bid are banners from the recent Transformers 3 European premiere in Berlin, Kung Fu Panda 2, and many more! Click here to shop at eBay.

Please help us spread the word so that people can bid on these fantastic banners.

Thanks to Paramount pictures for their generosity!

TFK launches fundraising campaign


Trekking for Kids announces Campaign TFK: Climbing to New Heights, its first ever capital campaign to grow Trekking for Kids to new heights and secure the future for orphaned children everywhere. Plans include six or more treks per year. In addition to its traditional treks, TFK will offer expeditions for families, college students, corporate, and custom designed trips to give the magical intersection of service and adventure to a growing number of trekkers from around the globe. Highest level professional guides will lead every trek.

Growth plans also include enhancing TFK marketing, web presence, and a small, professional staff to manage and schedule treks, oversee orphanage work, and to tell the story of the direct impact an individual can have on the life of a child in need. TFK is committed to guiding its growth in the most accountable, transparent manner possible. Support TFK to help make this growth possible!

Donors also have the opportunity to make an impact for years to come with the Orphanage Sustainability Project. This project will allow TFK to support additional, high impact, life-changing projects in orphanages where we've worked during our expeditions over the past five years.

Click here to make a donation to Campaign TFK: Climbing to New Heights.

Inaugural Alumni Trek in Southern Utah


Alumni Trekkers will be re-uniting in the desert of Southern Utah June 11-16th for our inaugural alumni fundraising Trek! Proceeds will benefit Campaign TFK: Climbing to New Heights, the capital campaign for TFK.

TFK Announces New Treks for 2012


We are happy to announce two new Treks in 2012: Marquee Trek to Patagonia in March and Lite Trek to Romania in July.

Check back soon for more information on our 2012 Treks.

Trekking for Kids at the DC Travel and Adventure Show


Trekking for Kids will be participating in the 2011 Travel and Adventure Show March 12-13th at the Washington, DC Convention Center. This show is the nation's largest active and adventure travel show, showcasing worldwide travel destinations and unique vacation packages. Stop by our booth and learn more about our upcoming expeditions.

Russia Mt. Elbrus Trek - postponed


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Because of security concerns, Trekking for Kids announces the indefinite postponement of the trek to Mt. Elbrus, Russia, previously scheduled for July, 2011. The safety of Trekkers is one of TFK's highest priorities and the unstable political situation in the Caucasus region is of concern to TFK.

Please consider joining our "Lite Trek" Expedition to Thailand in November, 2011, and check back soon for the announcement of our 2012 Expeditions.

Nepal Everest Base Camp Trek 2 - a trip of a lifetime!


Once again we have returned from another successful expedition to the base of Mt. Everest and the summit of Mt. Kalaphatar. This time 18 Trekkers from the US, Canada, Germany and Spain journeyed with us on another one of our “Tours of a Lifetime.” Voted by National Geographic Traveler magazine in 2010 as one of “50 Tours of a Lifetime,” Trekking for Kids rose to the occasion and offered back-to-back expeditions to Nepal… a first for TFK.

This second trip was just as memorable and unique as the first as we helped 22 children at an orphanage in Kathmandu and raised $37,000 to benefit them. In partnership with the Mountain Fund, a US based non-profit working in Nepal, we moved the children, ages 6-14, out of their former home, the derelict and poorly managed Orphan Child Welfare Center, into one that will quite literally secure the futures of each of these special children. Now managed by our partner, the Mountain Fund, the new home is called Amma Ko Ghar, which in English means Mother’s Home.

With the help of our generous donors, Trekking for Kids has provided its young residents with plenty of space to grow, new furnishings, and financial support for the next year as the Mountain Fund works on sustainability projects to support the new home. In addition, there were sports equipment, backpacks, school supplies, clothing, shoes, fleece blankets, and toys for all. For most of the children, these gifts were the very first they had ever received.

After our return from the mountains, we traveled out of the city and into the countryside, for an all day field trip with the children. Fresh air, good food, music and open space was, once again, the overriding theme. It was truly a day to remember. In addition we were able to spend the US’s Thanksgiving day in a very special way with the children. Besides a traditional Nepali feast, the night was filled with laughter and music as the children enjoyed showing off their dance moves and teaching us how to move Nepali style, to the beat of local musician’s drums. The smiling faces of the children only served to confirm why we had logged over 20,000 air miles, trekked 13 days and 75 miles, and made so many personal bring them a few days of love and a future filled with hope.

Nepal Everest Base Camp Trek 1 - unforgettable!


Trekking for Kids’ 2010 expedition to Nepal Everest Base Camp is back after a successful 13-day trek to the base of Mt. Everest at 17,650 ft and to the summit of Mt. Kalaphatar, at 18,513 ft. The journey through the Himalayas was an unforgettable experience that, not only allowed us to marvel, up close, at such giants as Everest, Ama Dablam, Nuptse, and Lhotse, glimpse into the lives of the Sherpa people who make these magestic mountains their home, form life-long friendships with our Nepali guides and fellow Trekkers, but do it for the good of those less fortunate, forgotten children of Nepal.

In addition to an amazing journey in the Himalayas, the 22 Trekkers from the US and Canada spent four memorable days in Bhaktapur with 25 children, ages 6-16, at the Orphan Children Rescue Center. This year’s group of Trekkers surpassed our fundraising goal and raised $58,000,100% of which went to benefit these special children.

Using local labor, an entire new floor was added to the top of the house, creating three new bedrooms, a storage room, a study room, three bathrooms, and a spacious sitting/play area. The new addition allows them to house the boys and girls on separate floors and provides a fantastic space in which to study, play and eventually take in more children. We were also able to bring sports equipment, backpacks, and school supplies from the US and purchase a new set of clothes, school shoes and plenty of food for Dashain and Diwali (special Nepal holidays).

A highlight was taking the children on an all day field trip to Nagarkot, a resort town far from the dust and smog of the city. Good food, dancing, and games were part of the day’s activities. Finally, our last day in Nepal was a special one as we celebrated Tihar (Festival of Lights) with the children. From the traditional fried roti, to the children’s dances, songs and skits, to the lighting of the butter lamps at night, all made for a truly memorable experience.

Guatemala Lite Trek - a great success!


Trekking For Kids has successfully completed its Guatemala Lite Trek 2010. Twenty Trekkers traveled to Guatemala to trek the Mayan Highlands, near Lake Atitlan, and to help the Casa Hogar Feliz orphanage in San Andres Semetabaj where 22 orphaned kids make their home.

These Trekkers raised over $35,000, surpassing our $30,000 goal. The money raised was used to purchase a new home and all of the necessary furnishings to help open the new Casa de Jovenes, a home for orphan boys, 12-18 years old. In addition, we were able to provide new sports equipment, backpacks, school supplies, blankets and jackets for each child. We hope to use the surplus $5,000 we raised for additional sustainable initiatives for the orphanage in the next few months.

In addition to the wonderful days spent with the children, we completed a 4-day Trek through the Mayan Highlands. During the Trek, we passed through mountain villages and stayed in villagers' homes, an experience which allowed us to get to know these humble, poor and very spiritual people who welcomed us into their community with open arms. We brought food for one of the villages, which still remains isolated due to torrential rains and mud slides from Tropical Storm Agatha that had hit Guatemala the previous month. They were very grateful.

The Trek was challenging, steep in some places, and slippery on the down hills. Several sections of the trail were washed away due to the mudslides, requiring ropes to cross the gaps and prevent us from falling down the precipices. On the fifth day, 14 Trekkers climbed to the summit of San Pedro volcano at close to 10,000 ft.

As in previous expeditions, participating directly in a worthwhile cause represents a life-changing event in the lives of many Trekkers. Meeting the children and caregivers firsthand and witnessing the impact a few dollars has in developing countries is a very humbling and spiritual experience. For the orphaned children, our efforts bring them hope, allow them to grow in a loving and caring environment, and give them the opportunity of a dignified life once they leave the orphanage.

Guatemala Lite Trek Is Underway!


Greetings from Guatemala! On Friday the 28th of June, Trekking for Kids kicked off the 2010 Mayan Highlands Lite Trek by visiting twenty-two children at the Casa Hogar Feliz orphanage in San Andres Semetabaj. Making a difference in the lives of these children presents the opportunity to fulfill our mission of a purpose-driven trek. During our visit, twenty trekkers delivered backpacks filled with school supplies and provided new shoes for each child. We returned on Saturday for a work day at the orphanage to complete the projects which our donors have generously made possible. Your donations of $34,000 and counting have made it possible to assist in purchasing an additional home, which will immediately welcome three boys & have the ability to accommodate 11 more. At this time, Casa Hogar Feliz is providing for fourteen boys and eight girls ranging in age from 5 to 15.

Your support and encouragement is transforming the lives of these children in a very significant way. All of the Lite Trekkers here in Guatemala thank you as we strive to “Improve today, secure tomorrow…One Step at a Time!”!

TFK's new website launches


Trekking for Kids is proud to launch our new and improved website! This website has been in the planning and development stages for over a year and it's finally here! New features like our video galleries bring our supporters like you closer to the adventure, while our trip reports will help all of our donors see exactly how their money has been spent to improve the lives of children. Additionally, our new trekker resource center will help those who go on TFK Expeditions be more prepared for their adventure.

As new people find Trekking for Kids, we hope that this new website will communicate our vision of Improving today, Securing tomorrow, One Step at a Time!

TFK is offering a second trek to Everest Base Camp this year


Join Trekking for Kids on a second trek to Everest Base Camp, November 8-27th, 2010. Voted by National Geographic Traveler magazine as a 50 Tours of a Lifetime, don't miss out on this great opportunity to not only visit an iconic destination, but to help a group of orphan children in Nepal. Due to the overwhelming interest in this Trek, we are offering another chance to join us in Nepal. The first trek in October is almost full and the second one is filling up quickly so donate delay in signing up. Click here to learn more about this great opportunity.

National Geographic Traveler votes TFK's Nepal Trek to Everest Base Camp as one of 50 Best Tours of a Lifetime


Trekking for Kids is proud and grateful to be one of National Geographic Traveler's Tours of a Lifetime in 2010. TFK's 2010 Everest Base Camp Expedition in Nepal will be a special one for many reasons. Only five years ago, our founders had just begun to build the organization that allows all of us to change the lives of orphans around the world and in the hearts of all of our Trekkers. As we have grown and expanded with trips along the Inca Trail, the Annapurna Base Camp, Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Camino de Santiago, Mt. Cotopaxi, and the Mayan Highlands we have also been able continue to expand our ability to help those less fortunate around the world. Our Tour of a Lifetime will involve trekking to Everest Base Camp, sponsoring an orphanage in Bhaktapur and celebrating our anniversary and time in Nepal with the Nepali orphans whose lives we will have changed.

TFK to help open new boys orphanage in Guatemala


This year, from June 16-27, 2010, Trekking for Kids will take 17 Trekkers, along ancient footpaths in the Mayan Highlands of Guatemala, from Xela, to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lake Atitlan, then to the top of San Pedro volcano. Each step that the Trekkers take will benefit the Casa Hogar Feliz in San Andres Semetabaj (Lake Atitlan).

As is the case in all Trekking for Kids expeditions, in addition to paying all of his or her trek-related expenses, each Trekker commits to raise a minimum of $1,000 to benefit the Casa Hogar Feliz orphanage, home to 15 boys and girls, ages 5–15. This years group of trekkers has committed to raise $US 30,000 to help open a “Boys Home” for up to fifteen 12-18 year old boys. Boys 14 and older are not allowed to stay in the same home as girls and the Casa Hogar Feliz has many boys fast approaching this age. Trekking for Kids and its volunteer Trekkers are setting out to resolve this problem by purchasing a former B&B near their current home and opening a new “Boys Home” in June. In addition, they are raising funds for computers, educational software, wardrobes, a refrigerator, stove, sports equipment, school supplies and clothing. If you would like to donate to this great cause, visit our Donation Page.

Eastern Mountain Sports Fundraiser Event in Washington DC


Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) hosted world-renowned mountaineer and lead guide for Trekking for Kids, Luis Benitez on May, 2 for a fundraising event at their Dulles store. Luis has summitted Mt. Everest six times, holds the world record for the most consecutive ascents of Everest, and has reached the top of the seven major peaks in the world a total of 32 times. In 2010 he will attempt the Cessen Route on K2. In spite of his own lofty accomplishments, he encourages people to "reach their own Everest." He spoke about his journey from a childhood struggle with asthma to being a leading mountain guide of our time.

TFK sponsored at MIO Restaurant, Chef for a Day Event in Washington DC


On April 17, in DC, Mio Restaurant and Isabel Milan, a friend of Trekking for Kids, invited TFK to be part of Mio's "Chef for a Day" celebration. Mio's kindly designated Trekking for Kids to receive a portion of the proceeds from this very special evening. This spectacular evening featured the cuisine of Puerto Rico, tastefully accented by the flavors and spices from around the world. It was truly an evening to remember and one that will make a difference for children around the world.

Adventure Travel Expo, Washington Convention Center


In March, Trekking for Kids took part in the 2010 Travel and Adventure Show in Washington, DC. This show is the nation's largest active and adventure travel show, showcasing worldwide travel destinations and unique vacation packages. Trekking for Kids manned a booth and with the help of our DC team of board members and alumni trekkers we spread the good word about Trekking for Kids far and wide!


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Last updated April 14, 2014