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Annie Christman, Tanzania Trek 2013

The trip to Africa was a true celebration of life for me. We went to make a difference in the children’s lives, but really, they made a big difference in mine. The kids were so humble, kind and loving...Hiking Kilimanjaro is the kind of experience that was only made better in a great group. The TFK trekkers become your family. Thank you to them and to TFK for making it possible for me to see this breathtaking land and its beautiful people and to have such an amazing, incredible adventure.

Annie Christman, Georgia
Tanzania Trek 2013

highlights from Kilimanjaro and Orphanage

Trip Report: Tanzania Trek 2013 - Mt. Kilimanjaro

Journeying to Tanzania to improve the lives of children living in the shadows of Mt. Kilimanjaro was the purpose of sixteen Trekking for Kids participants who also reached the summit of the highest peak in Africa. These two lofty goals combined to make impactful and long lasting improvements on the Kili Centre Orphanage in Moshi, Tanzania, create lifelong friendships, and leave enduring memories for the children and Trekkers alike.

The Work at the Kili Centre

Successful fundraising by the Trekkers for the orphanage projects, amounting to $36,000, surpassed the goal, enabling the expedition to fund:
- A new perimeter fence and guard house surrounding land recently acquired by the Kili Centre, which helps the Centre delineate ownership, protect the land, and serve as a vital tool to attract future donors to support the building of a new orphanage suited to the needs of the children;
- Sewing and knitting machines along with related supplies, to enable students to learn income-generating skills;
- Tuition fees for 28 students for the school year;
- Purchase of 200 baby chickens, for Centre income generation;
- Purchase of 10 upgraded, refurbished computers
- Re-finishing all hardwood bed frames and room furniture;
- Purchase of new mattresses and bedding for all the children.

During a work day at the Orphanage, Trekkers put final touches on the fence and guard house, installed computers, set up the sewing room, and helped welcome the new baby chickens to their coop. Additionally, 16 trees, donated during the visit by one of the TFK Trekkers, were planted on the fenced-in property, bringing a farm-like quality to the work time.

A field trip with the children to Zumba Land, a much-sought after amusement park adventure, promises to be a wonderful memory for the children! The Kili Centre also hosted Trekkers and neighbors for a party, featuring dancing dance show and a dinner prepared by the Centre staff and students.

The Trek

During the 7-day hike on the Machame Route, Trekkers experienced five different climate zones, all varieties of weather ranging from tropical heat to an all out hail-storm and the sub-freezing temperatures of the summit bid. Encouraged and led, both physically and emotionally. by the an expert lead guide, TFK’s own Luis Benitez, and the support of Zara Tour guides and porters, an amazing 100% of Trekkers made it to the summit at 19, 352 ft above sea level. More amazingly the average Trekker age was 42 years old with a median age of 46!

The exhilaration of reaching the Summit was joined by the fulfilling knowledge that the work at the Kili Centre had a measureable impact on the children who live there, and the combination created a trip of a lifetime.

Download Tanzania 2013 Projects Budget Report

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