Our Mission

Trekking for Kids (TFK) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, which organizes purpose-driven treks for socially-conscious hikers in some of the world’s most remote and iconic locations. A Trekking for Kids expedition is like no other because it provides Trekkers with a truly unique opportunity to combine their thirst for adventure and the outdoors with their desire to help those less fortunate. TFK focuses on the orphans who live in the shadows of the world’s most coveted adventure destinations.

Since its inaugural Trek in 2005, Trekking for Kids volunteer Trekkers have been spreading hope to orphans across four continents impacting the lives of hundreds of children. The hundreds of thousands of dollars raised have been contributed to one-time high-impact infrastructure and sustainability projects at the orphanages such as much needed repairs to the facilities, new buildings, furniture, livestock, education, and even a grocery store. These projects are aimed at providing these orphanages a boost towards internal sustainability.

                     Trekking for Kids’ Unique, Socially-Conscious, Adventure Space

The “magic” of Trekking for Kids lies in the small, delicate intersection
of adventure, social impact, and accessibility from both a time and money standpoint.

TFK Promo Video
TFK promo video

Watch our promotional video to see what Trekking for Kids is all about.

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