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Singi De Silva, Guatemala Lite Trek 2010

Trekking for Kids has made a lasting imprint on my life. I will never forget the smiling faces of the orphan children. Completing an amazing and challenging outdoor adventure and making life-long friendships with extraordinary Trekkers were some of the highlights. It was inspiring to be a part of a small group that provided the children a home that will secure a better life in the future. This was one of the best times of my life and I look forward to many more.

Singi De Silva, Washington, DC
Guatemala Lite Trek 2010

Trip Report: Guatemala Lite Trek 2010 - Mayan Highlands

Trekking For Kids successfully completed its Guatemala Lite Trek 2010. Twenty Trekkers traveled to Guatemala to trek the Mayan Highlands, near Lake Atitlan, and to help the Casa Hogar Feliz orphanage in San Andres Semetabaj where 22 orphaned kids make their home.

These Trekkers raised over $35,000, surpassing our $30,000 goal. The money raised was used to purchase a new home and all of the necessary furnishings to help open the new Casa de Jovenes, a home for orphan boys, 12-18 years old. In addition, we were able to provide new sports equipment, backpacks, school supplies, blankets and jackets for each child.

In addition to the wonderful days spent with the children, we completed a 4-day Trek through the Mayan Highlands. During the Trek, we passed through mountain villages and stayed in villagers' homes, an experience which allowed us to get to know these humble, poor and very spiritual people who welcomed us into their community with open arms. We brought food for one of the villages, which still remains isolated due to torrential rains and mud slides from Tropical Storm Agatha that had hit Guatemala the previous month. They were very grateful.

The Trek was challenging, steep in some places, and slippery on the down hills. Several sections of the trail were washed away due to the recent mudslides, requiring ropes to cross the gaps and prevent us from falling down the precipices. On the fifth day, 14 Trekkers climbed to the summit of San Pedro volcano at close to 10,000 ft.

As in previous expeditions, participating directly in a worthwhile cause represents a life-changing event in the lives of many Trekkers. Meeting the children and caregivers firsthand and witnessing the impact a few dollars has in developing countries is a very humbling and spiritual experience. For the orphaned children, our efforts bring them hope, allow them to grow in a loving and caring environment, and give them the opportunity of a dignified life once they leave the orphanage.

Click here to download a photopage report (.pdf) from the Guatemala 2010 Expedition.

Jose Montero, Ana Maria Montero, Jose Montero
Guatemala 2010

Twenty Trekkers braved post hurricane Guatemala to help open a boys home and trek in the Mayan Highlands.

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