NEPAL 2007

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Desiree Freeman, Nepal 2007 Trek

To see the gratitude on the children's faces and their overwhelming excitement as they showed us their new home we moved them into was a life-changing thing. Trekking For Kids gave me an opportunity to help amazing children, see some of the most incredible sights in the world and go on an incredible journey through the Himalayan Mountains.

Desiree Freeman, Arizona
Nepal 2007 Trek

Trip Report: Nepal Trek 2007 - Annapurna Base Camp

Trekking for Kids is pleased to report that the Nepal Trek 2007 - Annapurna Base Camp expedition, in October of 2007, was an extraordinary experience and an overwhelming success! Apart from spending eight incredible days in the Himalayas, Trekking for Kids’ volunteers spent three unforgettable days at The Destitute Children’s Home, an orphanage in Pokhara, Nepal where we made a lasting, tangible impact.

Thanks to the generosity of individual donors and corporate sponsors, Trekking for Kids was able to raise $55,000 to benefit the Destitute Children’s Home. The donations from Nepal 2007 Trek - Annapurna Base Camp came as direct funds or in-kind donations from donors throughout the United States and Europe. Trekking for Kids organized fundraising events in Atlanta, Miami, and Washington, DC while individual trekkers organized grassroots fundraising efforts in Dallas, Atlanta, Washington DC, Salt Lake City, Mesa, and Madrid.

Because of the generous donations, Trekking for Kids and our 2007 volunteer team were able to move the orphans of the Destitute Children’s Home from their small cramped quarters to a newly remodeled and much larger home that will enable them to double the number of children they can care for. We were also able to provide them with all new home furnishings, computers, a playground, chicks, clothing, sports equipment, toys and medical and dental care. In addition, the donations will help educate and care for all of the new children that will be admited to the orphanage over the next two years until more permanent funding is established.

On the Trail: Trekking for Kids Trekkers spent 8 amazing days in the Himalayan mountains hiking 50 miles with a total ascent of 22,000 ft. to the base camps of Machhapuchhare at 12,000 ft and Annapurna at 13,800 ft. Days were spent taking in the breathtaking views of the world’s tallest peaks and enjoying the quaint Himalayan villages along the way, and evenings were spent, singing, dancing and cultivating life long friendships among the Trekkers in our group and with our amazing Nepalese trekking guides (Nepal Independent Trekking Guide Cooperative).

At the Orphanage: Most valuable to the trekkers were the several unforgettable days working and playing with the children at the Destitute Children’s Home. In addition to the move, we landscaped the new home, painted the courtyard, playground, and chicken coop and decorated the children’s rooms. We also spent a fun filled days with the children visiting sites around Pokhara and playing with their new toys.

The last night, in celebration of their new home and the beautiful friendships made, we ate delicious Nepali food, enjoyed a cultural performance, and sang and danced to live music with all of our new friends.

Trekking for Kids would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our volunteers, individual donors, corporate sponsors, and friends who helped make the Annapurna Base Camp Trek a success. We invite you to join our team in Tanzania or Spain in 2008 or become a contributor, and experience the magic of Trekking for Kids, as we Improve Today, Secure Tomorrow…One Step at a Time®.

Download a photo page report from Nepal 2007 Expedition (pdf).

Nepal 2007

26 Trekkers set out among giants to reach the base camp of Annapurna at 13,800 ft to raise money for a new home and a grocery store for the orphanage in Pokara.

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